Patty Stovall is an award-winning cake artist located in Northwest Indiana, USA. She has been baking ever since she was a little girl with her grandmother. But it wasn’t until 9 years ago that she was introduced to the professional aspect of baking and cake design. As a self-taught cake artist, Patty claims she loves to get lost in the creativity behind cake.

In her career, she has been fortunate to be trained and work with some of the top artist in the industry, many from around the world. In 2014, she was offered the opportunity to represent the USA as the Sale Representative for Cake Masters Magazine, which is the largest international magazine in the industry. For 4 years, this grateful opportunity offered her the best of both worlds, as Patty was able to utilize her strong business background and also still be apart of the cake industry as a cake artist in learning.

Patty love doing all types of cake design but she would say that her most favorite is sugar flower work and sculpting. Her current home-based business is called "Patty’s Cake Designs" which is specialty orders only.

Competing was an important part of Patty’s career. Some of the shows which she was a part of are the “Oklahoma Sugar Art Show” and “SoFlo Cake and Candy Show”. She also has been featured in local publications and media. But In 2019, completed on the Netflix series “Sugar Rush” season one, to which her partner and she were grateful to win the grand prize.

Her goal is to continue to expand her skills within the industry and offer a great product that will benefit other cake artist.